Iwai Japanese Whisky Dram 2cl


    By the Dram series! Sample the whiskies first before purchasing the full sized bottles! 

    Iwai Japanese Whisky is a blended whisky with a truly unique taste. The whisky has a very strong, almost caramel taste, as is typical of many whisky's, but in order to give this whisky a truly unique finish, the whisky is aged in wine barrels for 12 years. This gives the whisky a wonderful after taste, featuring hints of wine and wood. If you are looking for a wonderful whisky experience, then you need to try Iwai Japanese Whisky.

    Colour: Vivid bright gold
    Nose: Smooth and sweet
    Palate: Powerful, taste of pepper, mixed nuts and caramel
    Finish: Cereal Sweetness & Toasty Oak

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