Johnnie Walker Gold Label Dram 2cl


    By the Dram series! Sample the whiskies first before purchasing the full sized bottles!
    Gold - Blended: Super Premium - 2015, The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
    Gold - Scotch Whisky - Deluxe Blend - 2014, International Wine & Spirit Competition
    Silver - Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2017, International Wine & Spirit Competition
    Silver - Scotch Whisky - Deluxe Blend - 2013, International Wine & Spirit Competition

    Jim Beveridge blended Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve so that its flavours unfold in waves, with rich fruit and vanilla alongside spicy and sweet woody notes and a gentle smokiness. He has created a blend that’s ideal for classic Scotch based cocktails because each of its distinct flavours can be enhanced through a choice of mixers and ingredients – like its rich vanilla notes that work so well in a zesty Whisky Sour or bringing its sweet fruitiness to the fore in a tall glass with crushed ice and a slice of fresh orange.

    Nose: Honey and heather with thick caramel notes and a subtle nutmeg spice. Dried meadow flowers and a hint of fresh banana.
    Palate: Smooth and succulent with a honeyed sweetness that's typical of Johnnie Walker. There's more to this though, the floral elements are quite prominent and there's a spiced sweet vanilla note too.
    Finish: Long, sweet and toffee-like.
    Overall: A typically easy drinking blend from Johnnie Walker, this will not disappoint fans of the style.

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